How it Works

DataFarmer allows you to connect weather stations from multiple different telemetry providers to the one website (and soon, app).


DataFarmer has all of the basics like rainfall, temperature, humidity and windspeed, but we also include ag-specific features like growing season rainfall charts, Delta T and spray risk, and Fire Danger Index warnings.

We're currently developing an app to make it easier to access your weather from Android and Apple phones and tablets, and have some other features under development.


Have a question? We might have the answer in our FAQs, or you could contact us if you'd like to chat.

About the DataFarmer team

DataFarmer is a developed as a collaborative project between Square V Software for Agriculture and Model Agronomics.

Square V is a small software company specialising in agriculture located in Bendigo in regional Victoria.

Model Agronomics juggle their data modelling business with running their family farm near Birchip in the Mallee.