We listen to farmers, and provide the info that you want to see in the way that you need it.

We show all of the basics - rainfall, temperature (including max and min), humidity, wind speed and direction. But we also include some ag-specific features:

Have a feature idea?

We're keen to hear it.

Growing season rainfall, displayed against rainfall deciles for your location
Delta T and Spray Risk chart display - Fire Danger Index display (and warnings when it hits critical levels)

What we're currently working on

  • Building an app for Android and iOS (Apple) phones and tablets, to make your station data easier to access
  • Integrating to more telemetry providers

Some of the things on our to-do list

  • Display for soil probe data
  • Alerts and alarms for specific events. The example we're designing for here is for hay cutting, and wanting an alarm to wake you up when the humidity drops below a certain threshold. If you have other examples of how you'd want to use this, please let us know!
  • Personalised weather station forecasts

Product screenshots

DataFarmer is a real existing piece of software - it's been in trial use by Birchip farmers for the last year. Here are some screenshots from the current website (app coming soon).