About Us

DataFarmer is a developed as a collaborative project between Square V Software for Agriculture and Model Agronomics.

About Square V

Square V is a small software company specialising in agriculture located in Bendigo in regional Victoria. Stephen and Vicki are both degree-qualified software developers who initially started their careers working in other industries like industrial control and banking. In 2014 they decided to start Square V after the large number of requests from family friends for specialised agriculture software made them think "hey, maybe there's a business here". Square V now has 4 full-time staff, after hiring local Bendigo graduates Chris in 2016 and Daniel in 2018.

Square V developed DataFarmer in conjunction with Model Agronomics and the Birchip Cropping Group after hearing a lot of complaints from farmers who had different types of weather stations and needed to login to multiple sites to see the info - we wanted to make a single website and app that would allow you to see all of your weather data regardless of the source. Being software developers, we also get frustrated with the siloed nature of data in agriculture, and we wanted to develop a service that would let you use your weather station data easily with all sorts of software (with your permission). This allows us to develop other software that lets you use this weather information in new and exciting ways.

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About Model Agronomics

Model Agronomics juggle their data modelling business with running their family farm near Birchip in the Mallee. Tim grew up on his family farm 28km north of Birchip, and completed his Bachelor of Agriculture and Commerce at The University of Melbourne in 2006, before moving back to his family farm in 2011 to pursue his passion of farming. Model Agronomics works with expert agronomic modelling systems and official Australian weather databases to combine paddock rainfall and soil characteristics with financial implications to provide farmers with detailed information about their paddocks.

Tim from Model Agronomics provides support for DataFarmer - Square V are great developers, but knowing too much about the technology means they don't always explain things well, which is where Tim's knowledge of farming and real on-farm issues comes in handy.

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Contact Us

For DataFarmer support

Including setup help, adding new stations, and general questions or suggestions, talk to Tim from Model Agronomics.

Email Tim or call on 0408 136 947

For Technical questions

Including API support and features, talk to Vicki from Square V.

Email Vicki or call on 0439 222 031

For Telemetry companies

If you'd like to talk to us about integrating to your service or new features, talk to Vicki from Square V.

Email Vicki or call on 0408 136 947

Something else?

If you're not sure who to talk to, contact Vicki and we'll help you get it sorted out.

Email Vicki or call on 0439 222 031